General rules

– Glorious Iranian website according Laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran، Internet Crime Laws و Set of E-Commerce Rules and Regulations Works.

– The services and content provided by the Iranian Glory are solely for use on this website. Any misuse of information, photos, maps, designs, logos, etc. will be prosecuted by Iranian individuals or individuals on the website and social media of Iran. The contents of this website are mentioned on the Internet only by mentioning the name and URL of the glorious Iranians and the link to the content and in the paper media, with the written permission of the website authorities.

– The information on this website has been collected, translated and compiled by experts in the field from reputable and relevant sources and has been attempted to be accurate and up-to-date; , Not a tourist visa, etc.

– The glorious Iranian website will keep users’ information confidential, will not be shared at all, and the competent authorities will only be permitted to use this information if required by law.

– The glorious Iranian website is the host of online plane ticket sales and will not be responsible for any conditions, concessions, delays or rush flights.


Reservation rules

– If you are only planning to make a reservation, make sure the reservation is completely free and reservations are not guaranteed at all and you may change your ticket price. Take action to avoid ticket price changes.

– Charter flights are subject to more variations than system flights and may not be used at 5%, in which case the full cost of the new ticket will be refunded by the charterer if the alternative ticket is purchased. Was.

– If the charter flight is canceled and the company does not receive a replacement ticket, the ticket will be fully refunded.

– Charter ticket price for infants up to 5 years old, equivalent to the type of aircraft based on airline ticket announcement. Responsibility for any changes to the aircraft is the responsibility of the air carrier, and Iranian Glory is not responsible for this.

– Some flights are unmanageable and unchangeable. Or the cost of cancellations or changes to some flights may be very high. Be aware of these costs before you buy. Read the Consular Rules section for details.

– All passenger information including name, date of birth, passport number, passport expiry date and nationality must be entered in accordance with passport and national traveler card. Assumes no responsibility for passenger information.

– The type of aircraft is determined by the airline’s announcement on the ticket. Responsibility for any change in aircraft type is the responsibility of the air carrier.

– The purchased ticket belongs to a passenger whose profile is logged in and is non-transferable. If the passenger’s name on the ticket and ID card does not match, the passenger will not be accepted.


Plane ticket console rules

System plane tickets

If you have an account on our website, you can go to the Custom Ordering section of your flight booking details on your reservation details and select the Cancel button. Select Credit or Deposit there.

If you do not have access to your concierge account, just book a magnificent Iranian office during the office hours or visit the airport at any time. Your cancellation will be canceled and the cancellation fee will be determined in accordance with the airline’s directive based on the distance from the time of the cancellation to the flight time, as set out below. If you make your concession through the airline or airport offices, you need to contact the magnificent Iranians for a refund.

Charter plane tickets

Due to the chartering of the flight, the ticket cancellation is not possible according to the charterers’ rules, so in the event that the flight is canceled by the charterer, the ticket will be refunded in coordination with the charterer and if the charter does not conflict with the charterer conditions. Otherwise, and in the face of a rejection of the charterer of extradition, the Iranians will have no responsibility for non-extradition.


If the flight is canceled

If you have been notified through our flight console:

If the console is due to arrive before the flight time, we will inform you by phone. You will then be able to get your full payment or choose one of the replacement flights we offer. We will not impose any replacement flights with the Flight Console and will not charge you any fees if you cancel. We try to offer alternate flights at the same time as your first flight, but if there is a price difference, you will have to pay for it.

If the flight console has been notified at the airport due to bad weather or technical failure:

Occasionally, passengers will not land after arriving at the airport, or return to the source airport after flying to the destination airport. If this is the case, we will need to email or fax the stamped ticket image to expedite the refund process. The stamped ticket is also kept with the passenger to be mailed to the airline if necessary.

If the console is from the customer due to flight time displacement

If the weather changes to the glory of the Iranians, we will inform the passengers by telephone. If the change in weather includes a delay of more than half an hour or a delay of more than two hours in flight and the new flight time is not suitable for passengers, a non-life-saving console is possible.

Sometimes flights will be delayed by more than two hours without informing us and after the passengers arrive at the airport. In this case, the stamped ticket image needs to be emailed or faxed to us for refund without damage. The stamped ticket is also kept by the passenger to be mailed to the airline if necessary.

Return of Consular Expenses

Refunds for aircraft ticket concessions will be deposited into your bank card within 2 business hours via the Nebula Interbank Transfer. Also, if you have an account, you can request that the refund be added to your account and then used in your other reservations.